What We Do

What we do…

Organic Meat

Perfectly Delicious

The sheep and cattle on Hillside Farm are raised using 100% organic farming methods, approved and certified by the Organic Trust. Our dedication to organic farming is evident in the quality of our meat. Why not try it out and taste the difference. Call us to order your organic meat. more>


Dig for Your Dinner

At Hillside Organic & Holistic Farm, we have recognised the need for people to live a healthier lifestyle. Our allotments can be rented in whatever size suits best and we’ll give all the help we can to ensure you have a successful growing experience. If you’d like to DIG FOR YOUR DINNER, give us a call at Hillside Organic & Holistic Farm! more>

Therapies & Coaching


Gentle stimulation of the reflexes of the feet. more>


Japanese healing therapy. more>

Life Coaching

Facilitating performance, learning and development in adults. more>

Youth Coaching

Facilitating focus and direction in young adults. more>