Digging for your dinner!

At Hillside Organic & Holistic Farm, we have recognised the need for people to live a healthier lifestyle. Seeing the success of allotments that we’ve visited around the country, we have set aside part of our organic farm to create allotments. These can be rented in whatever size suits best and we’ll give all the help we can to ensure you have a successful growing experience. Check out the photos to get a feel for the garden and if you’d like to DIG FOR YOUR DINNER, give us a call at Hillside Organic & Holistic Farm to start your gardening experience!

A Helping Hand

Realising that some people may not have done this before, we are offering an organic growing course to all allotment holders at no extra charge. This will run approximately once per month throughout the growing season, providing advice, information and expertise to ensure a successful growing season and a bountiful harvest! We plan to include short courses in food and nutrition so that growers get the maximum benefit from their crop.

Why Grow Your Own?

Eating more vegetables, and especially home-grown vegetables, is a simple way to ensure that a body is getting a proper balance of vitamins and nutrients. Creating a vegetable garden is a way of ensuring that there is a continuous supply of fresh vegetables to consume. Growing organically has the added benefit of reducing your exposure to pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

With so much going on, many people simply forget to make time to relax and do the things they enjoy and gardening is also a great way to relieve stress. Work, family obligations, and social life are just some of the things that take up out time and energy. What better way to relax and get fresh air and exercise? Even an activity as simple as gardening can contribute towards weight loss. Gardening gets a person outdoors, exposed to natural air, and refocused on a pleasant activity. It’s also a fun activity for all the family – there’s plenty for children to do and lots to learn!