Life Coaching

Life Coaching

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what stage of life you are in. We spend our time doing so many activities in life. As a result of this busyness we often tend to lose our focus and awareness.

It makes sense to step outside of it all and take a while to sit down and think about where you are right now. You owe it to yourself. Make a list of the things you want for your life. Start setting goals and get moving.

We create our lives with our thoughts, desires and our wonderful minds. Thoughts are very powerful. Try your best to keep them positive, as the more positive you are the better chances you have of positive things flying your way.

You can take control of your life now. Life is brilliant. Do what you can to make it brilliant for yourself and enjoy the ride!

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship between two people, the Coach and the Client. The relationship is formed to enable the Client to do some or all of the following:

  • Set new and betters goals for some or all areas of their life.
  • To re-focus the Client on what is important.
  • Develop tools and support structures to empower their life.
  • To complete a specific task.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Most Coaches will recommend four to six sessions, to enable the Client to progress fully in their chosen areas of development. Although, some Coaching relationships can be longer or shorter, depending on the extent of the Client agenda.

At Hillside we also offer Youth Coaching.

  • News

    • 11 Oct 2017
      Organic Trust AGM
      Sunday 8th October saw us visiting Rock Farm in Slane, Co
    • 9 Sep 2017
      What a trip!
      Exhausted, sunburned and bubbling with excitement, we departed Solta on a 5am ferry to start the trek home after an amazing week! Work done, new friendships made and a beautiful country visited! The four groups (Ireland x2, Italy and Croatia) shared accommodation in a former military camp on the island of Solta, just off the coast from Split
    • 3 Aug 2017
      Sweat Lodge with Erica Gagnon
      A first for Hillside Farm! Canadian Ceremonial Leader & Wisdom Keeper Erica Gagnon will facilitate a Sweat Lodge here on the farm on Thursday 21 September at 7pm
    • 14 Jul 2017
      Exciting Workshop - The Secret of Me
      Self-mastery coach Epp Adler will deliver a 3 hour workshop here on the farm on Thursday 24 August at 6pm
    • 13 Jul 2017
      Climate Change People Change
      We head off to the Croatian island of Solta on Sunday next, 24th July for a 7 day adventure with our 6 young people, joining forces with young people from Italy, Croatia and another Irish group from Leitrim! Our partners are Good Energies Alliance from Leitrim, DOOR from Croatia and Legambiente from Italy - all environmental organisations
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