Reflexology is a healing art of ancient origin which provides deep relaxation and helps the body regain balance. It is a wonderfully relaxing therapy for promoting wellbeing, mind, body and soul.

Although it does not claim to cure, the gentle stimulation of the reflexes in the feet does help restore energy and promote circulation, creating the right conditions for a return to health.

Regular Reflexology treatments can assist with: stress relief, allergy relief, reduction in back and neck tension, promotion of good sleeping habits and improved digestion.

African Reflexology

African Reflexology is a combination of reflexology and ancient African wisdom. The practitioner is able to give you an insight to your natural strength and weaknesses, not only from a physical point of view, but also from the psychological side. Explaining where your physical symptoms may come from, like for instance from certain behaviour patterns, the practitioner can help you dispel past limitations.

A reflexology session involves pressure treatment that is most commonly administered in foot therapy sessions of approximately 60 minutes in duration. No artificial devices or special equipment are associated with this therapy and the therapist applies controlled pressure with the thumb and finger, Reflexology therapy is not massage, and it is not a substitute for medical treatment.